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Website for Jana Zornik, London based artist

Website for Klima Magazine, magazine based in Paris

Various websites for the different editions of Hautes-Fréquences Festival

Visuals for different concerts and events

Reymour – Sarabande à Deux (005CAF?)

Renée Van Trier – Something is Wrong with Me (006CAF?)

Website for swiss photographer Lukas Wassmann

Website for dance company Philippe Saire

from odds and ends

research project about instructions, interpretation and reinterpretation

Identity for collective Wunderkammer

Various visuals for different events organized by swiss label CAF?

Website for swiss photographer Charlotte Krieger

Website displaying the thesis of MA Space and Communication at HEAD–Geneva

Website for swiss music label CAF?

Website for Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival

Flammkuch – R58 (004CAF?)

Website for aleï journal, magazine based in Paris

Music video for Reymour – Visage Espiègle

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